Veenfabriek, Ontdekkingen festival

Veenfabriek, Ontdekkingen festival,

Music theater performance

Scheltema, Marktsteeg 1 2312 CS Leiden

Veenfabriek (link)



Performers & Actors: Marijn Prakke, Liesbeth Vreeburg, Mei-yi Lee


photo@Tom Sebus



Munich Biennale, Festival for new music theatre

Munich Biennale, Festival for new music theatre, BUBBLE ❤

A coproduction of the Munich Biennale with Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart, commissioned by the West Kowloon Cultural District; in cooperation with Connecting Spaces Hong Kong / and the Zurich University of the Arts; and the Goethe Institute Hong Kong With kind support by LOVAAS Sponsored by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

LOVAAS, Fürstenstraße 6, Munich

Munich biennale (link)



In Bubble <3, an audience is led on a guided tour of an apartment block, repeating the same walk three times around the exterior of the building before finally entering a domestic living space. Audience members are encouraged to form different sub-groupings for each of the repeated walks through various methods of performative and spatial intervention. Specially conceived vignettes of everyday activities take place as the walk progresses; a cacophony of musical outbursts, random noises, and unfiltered dialog simulating the endless chatter of anonymous trolls on online forums.

With every repetition, a moment of familiarly is muddled by confusion about the authenticity of events encountered. This culminates in the interior scene, where the bubble of speech is replaced by the mute bubble of four walls, and previously unplaceable sounds take on new significance as a composed sonic-architectural configuration.


‘Stand Up Satellite’, Helicopter The Hague

‘Stand Up Satellite’, Helicopter The Hague
Music-Theatre work

8 July- 2017  8:30pm
Stichting Helicopter
Beatrijsstraat 10
2531 XE The Hague

Helicopter (link)


The elevated cloud of a dream
Music theatre work for electronics, Cello and guitar
performed by Wen Chin Fu on Cello and Lam Lai on Guitar

‘Space is elevated, the ground is elevated, even time is elevated.’ Robert Schumann wrote a set of thirteen pieces of music, ‘Scenes of Childhood’, for piano in 1838. Movement No. 7 of this work, Träumerei, is one of Schumann’s best-known pieces. In 1926, cellist Pablo Casals made a gramophone recording of this piece. The elevated cloud of a dream compiles the memoir of this work of Schumann. Sound, the movement of the performers and space are braided with the stream of time.

Photo by Thom Vink.

Veenfabriek musictheatre – RAARRR

De Veenfabriek production
Musictheatre – RAARRR

Concept Joep van der Geest
Compositie Lam Lai
Dramaturgie Paul Slangen
Decoradvies Theun Mosk
Kostuumadvies Dorothee Curio
Tekst o.a. Maarten Doorman
Dramaturgie Paul Slangen
Met Ton van der Meer, Milena Haverkamp, Niki Verkaar, Joep van der Geest en Lam Lai

09 dec Theater Ins Blau, Leiden try out
10 dec Theater Ins Blau, Leiden try out
11 dec Theater Ins Blau, Leiden première

16 dec Schouwburg Rotterdam

17 dec Frascati Amsterdam
18 dec Frascati Amsterdam
19 dec Frascati Amsterdam

5 jan Toneelschuur Haarlem

09 jan Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag
10 jan Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag

27 feb Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

Veenfabriek (link)
Theaterkrant (link)




Drama – The Lost World

Drama – The Lost World
The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection (AFTEC)

8-28 Mar 2013
Theatre, Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre, Hong Kong

Producer: Lynn Yau
Directed and Adapted by : Dr. Vicki Ooi
Composer: Lam Lai
Lighting, set and costume Designer: Andrew Ritchie

AFTEC (link)


Soundscape for Scene 5 (in the forest)