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02022020.SPACE | Global Internet Streaming Project

02022020.SPACE | Global Internet Streaming Project 2 Feb, 2020 Internet, multiple locations (HK, NL, CAT, TW, KR, GR, etc..) details: 02022020.Space (link) //////// 02022020.SPACE producer: Lam Lai The most brilliant cultural highlights of recent times have involved people broadcasting ideas in innovative ways, with web-based technology becoming one of the major elements in our daily […]

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Video installation and live performance, Iceland-HK

Orvillot, Iceland and Hong Kong Video installation and live performance 23 September 2017, 8pm Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum, Iceland details: CYCLE Music and Art Festival (link) Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (link) //////// Orviilot Recording at CYCLE MUSIC AND ART FESTIVAL, Iceland 2017 Orviilot (2017) Installation performance for Fl, Cl, Vln, Vla, Vc, DB and […]

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‘Stand Up Satellite’, Helicopter The Hague

‘Stand Up Satellite’, Helicopter The Hague Music-Theatre work 8 July- 2017  8:30pm Stichting Helicopter Beatrijsstraat 10 2531 XE The Hague details: Helicopter (link) //////// The elevated cloud of a dream Music theatre work for electronics, Cello and guitar performed by Wen Chin Fu on Cello and Lam Lai on Guitar ‘Space is elevated, the ground is […]

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CYCLE Music and Art Festival, Iceland

CYCLE Music and Art Festival, Iceland Video Installation at Kopavogur Public Library 27 Oct- 18 Dec 2016 Kopavogur Public Library details: CYCLE Music and Art Festival, Iceland (link) //////// I’m There for Video and sound installation “A while ago, when I was in the midst of promoting one of my concerts, there was a question that came up […]

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Installation Sound Art – The Urban/ Jungle Journey

Installation Sound Art – The Urban/ Jungle Journey The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection (AFTEC) 15-18 Nov 2012 (different sessions) Cultural Activities Hall, Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre, Hong Kong Curator: Lynn Yau Artist: Marissa Fung Shaw Composer: Lam Lai Lighting Designer: Andrew Ritchie Video: Wingo Chan Details: AFTEC (link)       //////// The Urban/ Jungle Journey […]

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Sonic Anchor #4: Theatrical-Sound-Installation

Sonic Anchor 2012 Sonic Anchor #4 Theatrical-Sound-Installation 4 July 2012 (Wed), 8pm McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre Details: Contemporary Musiking (link) Photo (link)   //////// Sonic Anchor #4 – Optic Light (2012) for Theatrical-Sound-Installation For Sonic Anchor #4 Lam Lai will turn McAulay into an installation theater, to create what she calls a “theatrical-sound-installation.” As audiences […]