02022020.SPACE | Global Internet Streaming Project

02022020.SPACE | Global Internet Streaming Project

Internet, multiple locations (HK, NL, CAT, TW, KR, GR, etc..)

02022020.Space (link)



producer: Lam Lai

The most brilliant cultural highlights of recent times have involved people broadcasting ideas in innovative ways, with web-based technology becoming one of the major elements in our daily life. 02022020, also a 8-digit computer-friendly code, is ideally situated in the Internet culture, ushering in the new vision of information exchange in the nearest future. On 02-02-2020, a collective of artists created a 26-hour programme of artworks and performances that were streamed on the Internet for viewers in all timezones. The Live performances with local audience were presented in 10+ cities around the world. The audience also watched the streaming of the performances and artworks in different locations.


MOBILE M+: INFLATION! – Parallax (Norway)

A (con)temporary sculpture park of inflatables

25 May 2012 (Sat), 3pm
West Kowloon Cultural District


Mobile M+: Inflation! (Exhibition) (link)
Parallax (from Norway) (link)

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Homage to A Suckling Pig  
A newly-commissioned piece involving the use of electronics and improvisation, that interacts with Cao Fei’s work.
Composer: Lam Lai
Performer: Parallax/ Lam Lai