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02022020.SPACE | Global Internet Streaming Project

02022020.SPACE | Global Internet Streaming Project 2 Feb, 2020 Internet, multiple locations (HK, NL, CAT, TW, KR, GR, etc..) details: 02022020.Space (link) //////// 02022020.SPACE producer: Lam Lai The most brilliant cultural highlights of recent times have involved people broadcasting ideas in innovative ways, with web-based technology becoming one of the major elements in our daily […]

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Wuji Ensemble – Audiovisual Performance

Wuji Ensemble  Audiovisual Performance 6 Oct 2012 (Sat), 8pm Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong Details: Wuji Ensemble (link) Programme info (link)    //////// A Lute Song (2012) for Electronics and Video music and video by Lam Lai [vimeo]

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Sonic Anchor #4: Theatrical-Sound-Installation

Sonic Anchor 2012 Sonic Anchor #4 Theatrical-Sound-Installation 4 July 2012 (Wed), 8pm McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre Details: Contemporary Musiking (link) Photo (link)   //////// Sonic Anchor #4 – Optic Light (2012) for Theatrical-Sound-Installation For Sonic Anchor #4 Lam Lai will turn McAulay into an installation theater, to create what she calls a “theatrical-sound-installation.” As audiences […]

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A Cup of Time

A Cup of Time (2012) by Lam Lai for Sheng, Guan, Pipa, Zheng, Percussion and Electronics

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MaerzMusik 2011 (Berlin) | Berliner Festspiele A high speed internet performance Featuring the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (HK)/ Ensemble Adapter (GERMANY) Hong Kong Time: 1 April 2011 (Fri) 20:00pm 2 April 2011 (Sat) 02:00am 2 April 2011 (Sat) 20:00pm 3 April 2011 (Sun) 02:00am Venue: Osage Atelier (Hong Kong) and Dock11 (Berlin) Details: MaerzMusik 2011 (Berlin) | […]