Sonic Anchor #4: Theatrical-Sound-Installation

Sonic Anchor 2012
Sonic Anchor #4 Theatrical-Sound-Installation

4 July 2012 (Wed), 8pm
McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre

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Sonic Anchor #4 – Optic Light (2012) for Theatrical-Sound-Installation

For Sonic Anchor #4 Lam Lai will turn McAulay into an installation theater, to create what she calls a “theatrical-sound-installation.” As audiences move beneath the shades created by various installation object, they become a part of an interactive composition that blurs the boundary between the digital and the analogue, between “real” ambient and electronic ambient sound. An experiment that blends light, space and moving bodies into haunting and sinister resonances.



MaerzMusik 2011 (Berlin) | Berliner Festspiele
A high speed internet performance

Featuring the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble (HK)/ Ensemble Adapter (GERMANY)

Hong Kong Time:
1 April 2011 (Fri) 20:00pm
2 April 2011 (Sat) 02:00am
2 April 2011 (Sat) 20:00pm
3 April 2011 (Sun) 02:00am

Venue: Osage Atelier (Hong Kong) and Dock11 (Berlin)

MaerzMusik 2011 (Berlin) | Berliner Festspiele (link)
Musik-Film-Marathon in Berlin Interview (link)


(video at 2’15”)


Frozen Moment (2011) for Synchronizing Two Ensembles of two cities

performed by Ensemble Adapter and Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Time is frozen when you are not hurrying to somewhere. Synchronising two cities, synchronising two time-spaces: a delayed second traces out the Frozen Moment.

“Two Cities – Two Stages – One Concert”: in a live event, the German-Icelandic Ensemble Adapter and the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble connected film and music via a fixed high-speed Internet line. In Berlin and Hong Kong, a concert installation took place: two ensembles, two locations, two stages, at the same time, with a fixed delay time of 1.14 seconds.