dance site-specific theater



Basket court, Jugendhaus Nord Stuttgart

Die Irritierte Stadt (link)



The gymnasium is a theatre. People come full of expectations, experience enthusiasm, disappointment and much more. Two teams move in basketball at the same time lightly and energetically to almost brutal. Where everyday experiences shift more and more into digital space, Basketball evokes the body and the collective experience. Lam Lai composes a piece for dancers and athletes between training and theatre, between competition and choreography.

Komposition & künstlerische Leitung: Lam Lai
Choreographie: Smadar Goshen
Tänzer*innen: Eva Baumann, Angélica Topfstedt,Petra Stransky
Basketballspieler: Thomas Krebser, Till Obermüller, Frantisek Zernich


From Lam Lai’s perspective, a sports hall is »another theatre stage, a place where people can physically feel the enthusiasm of other people». Because the enthusiastic shouts of others »make the eardrum vibrate. And you unintentionally come into contact with other people. However, considering that our lives are becoming increasingly digitalised, this analogue reality can seem as far away as any memories of the past in one’s own life».

For Lam Lai, basketball is an excellent example of a »space» in which, both in a narrow and figurative sense, several quite ambiguous realities collide. Fascinated by this parallel to everyday life, Lam Lai explores in her project Basketball with dancers and basketball players in the formation 3+3 visions of a possible future that could result from the forced disappearance of sports halls. Since the sports hall, according to Lam Lai, is »a place where the joy of the vitality of encounter only seems to flare up in harmony with its extremely fragile condensations».

In the ideal case, three basketball players interested in art and a referee meet three dancers and/or performers. Lam Lai hopes that the meeting of the sports and the art team will lead to completely new movement patterns: »When the dancers meet the athletes with their high technical level, the absurd movements of the dancers could stimulate the athletes to react in their own way with absurd movements. »I hope for these beautiful moments.» And for this Lam Lai composes a kind of soundscape – as a supplement or as a contrast.

[text from the festival’s website]