Title: [undefined], Veenfabriek, Ontdekkingen festival

Title: [undefined], Veenfabriek, Ontdekkingen festival

Music theater performance

Scheltema, Marktsteeg 1 2312 CS Leiden

Veenfabriek (link)


It is an imaginary world where artists are no longer exist. No one could make art anymore and it’s forbidden to mention about it. Government put people into Art elimination exam. Artists need to hide their artistic senses in order to survive. The whole performance shows 3 artists dealing with the same exam, and an interesting angle to see who has the artist senses and who has already given up. And eventually what is that absurd world?

The most challenging work for musicians and actor is, they are not supposed to act or pretend that they don’t have the senses. If they do so, the system could recognise it. They need to find a way to distract the system from scanning for their senses in the exam. It is a tense and at the same time humorous performance.

Actor: Marijn Prakke
Harpist: Liesbeth Vreeburg
Percussionist: Mei-yi Lee


photo@Tom Sebus