Sonic Anchor # 28, Site-specific

Sonic Anchor # 28, Site-specific
Re-recorded Spatial Dynamics

“A new series of Sonic Anchor, Second Coming Series, will be launched in the historic building Comix Home Base. In this series, we invite artists that we have featured in the previous Sonic Anchor to present works that response directly to this historical site.

To kickoff the Second Coming series, composer-sound artist Lam Lai will conduct an experiment in outdoor live looping, paying homage to Lucier’s tape-loop classic “I Am Sitting In A Room”. Since her last Sonic Anchor appearance, Lam Lai had spent time honing her craft in Netherlands – we can’t wait to see her transformation.”

July 9, 2016 7:30pm
Hong Kong Comix Home Base

Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong (link)
Comix Home Base (link)


Eating the Sound of the Vibraphone
for Vibraphone and Environmental sounds

Karen YU Vibraphone

To develop a new piece with a vibraphone and environment sounds and use different dimension of recording/playback methods as musical elements in the piece. The main focus is to set the live vibraphone sound into ambient sound.

The sounds of the vibraphone are recorded through 4 microphones at the same time. Microphones are placed in different location of the building (refer to the picture above) and pointing to different direction. This placement allows recording the vibraphone sound in different acoustic environments. So in the recording, you could hear the difference of sound distance and the sound environment among 4 different microphones. Two channels speakers use to playback the sound.




(photo by 現在音樂 Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong)
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